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As the saying goes, it takes two to tango or two to make a thing go right. Through years of collaborative partnership, Dan and Jacquie have teamed up to challenge conventional portfolio and project management practices. They advocate the necessity to do the work, focus on needs and value for the buck. Join them in conversation for change.

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Why Now?

Many organizations struggle to align strategy with execution and are often bogged down by status reporting and outdated processes. Traditional project management practices, such as traffic light reporting on time, budget, and scope, often lead to de-scoping, increased budgets, and extended timelines. Frequently, people and funds are redirected to initiatives that continue solely due to sunk costs.

Brave Enough to Try?

The journey to a Value Management Office (VMO) is driven by the collective desire to improve and innovate. It requires overcoming mental barriers and adopting a different way of thinking. This journey may be uncomfortable, but it is essential for achieving different outcomes. Together, we can start the discussion, take action, and reach our destination without wandering aimlessly.

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Overcoming Traditional Challenges

The first step lies in overcoming the challenges inherent in traditional approaches to portfolio prioritization, which consistently lead to suboptimal sequencing of initiative execution:

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Introducing the Economically Curated Prioritized Portfolio (ECPP)

Our ECPP method transforms your portfolio management by prioritizing based on data, not politics, ensuring that every initiative aligns with your strategic goals. True economic sequencing of decisions improves the bottom line year after year without disruptive transformations, extra hiring, or substantially changing ways of working.

A Unique Approach

Our method involves a series of modular action learning sessions, blending consulting, training, and coaching. We combine AI-augmented Monte Carlo simulations with the Cost of Delay (CD3) framework to create a powerful new way to optimize portfolio management. This innovative approach consistently captures and monetizes both tangible and intangible benefits, enabling reliable comparisons and better decision-making.

We guide your organization through each step, fostering collaboration, challenging assumptions, and ensuring commitment to the agreed prioritization and execution order. By doing so, we implant new ideas and thinking patterns, helping your team to embrace change and reach strategic goals more effectively.


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Pathway to a VMO

Strategic Analysis to achieve an Economically Curated Prioritized Portfolio (ECPP) is your pathway to establishing a Value Management Office (VMO). This evolution bridges organizational silos, aligns strategy with execution, and adapts governance to meet true client needs. The VMO approach fosters an emergent strategy, enabling your organization to adapt and thrive in a fast-changing environment.

Contact Us

Ready to transform your portfolio management? Contact us today to learn how we can help you run a short but incisive and illuminating Proof-of-Concept (PoC) trial that will lay a course to achieve your strategic goals with a more effective and efficient approach.

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