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Proof of concept

What is a Proof of Concept (PoC)?

A PoC is trying before committing. Based on years of experience and tweaking of proven, pragmatic approaches, we want to showcase what we can do. Still, we do not want to waste resources and time if the concept is unsuitable for your organization.​

Why a Proof of Concept?

It is low-risk with high-impact results. Change can be daunting and uncomfortable. That's why our motto is to enable one person, project, and workshop at a time. We believe in earning your trust through transparency (TTT) in our work, guiding each person on the journey, addressing questions, and, most importantly, tackling unique challenges together. We want you involved and part of the solution; this is where Proof of Concept plays a crucial role, inspiring optimism for the future.

How do we work?

A small, nimble team of senior consultants is engaged for no more than six weeks based on an agreed-upon scope of work and defined working principles. We are not traditional consultants; we 100% work alongside your team to challenge and re-think. We evidence everything; it’s not a secret. We want your organization to self-manage! We aim to excite the participants with the prospect of doing it differently.

Want more?

With a successful PoC, consider establishing a Practice to enable the rest of the organization and or consider workshops

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