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Upcoming BA Workshop

June 13-14, 2024

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Interview Prep

The interview is your chance to make a lasting impression. It's crucial to anticipate the questions from the employer's perspective.

The interview is not about you. Rather, it is what you can do for the employer and how you'll make them look good. That's why panel interviews are now the norm. What you do impacts others within the organization, and the hiring manager wants to ensure you're a fit.

The interview prep is a real-to-life mock interview assessing your experience (resume) to fulfill the role's demands (pre or post-job application). It evaluates and challenges your ability to articulate your experience clearly and concisely, setting you apart from other candidates.


Finally, honest feedback will improve and strengthen your responses and skills required to elevate your brand.


You get one chance to make an impact!

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Upskill for advancement with the scenario-based WORKSHOPS. Validate, showcase and test your abilities designed to impress clients and prepare for interviews. Learn tips and tricks to elevate your skills agnostic to the delivery approach (Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid).

  1. Business Analysis – STOP solutioning!
    Unlock your potential and elevate your brand in this transformative workshop—transition to a trusted advisor from an order taker by mastering the art of delivering high-quality requirements. 

  2. Technology Product Ownership – Be the Leader!
    Upskill your leadership potential as a Product Owner to understand role expectations, stop project false starts, build trust, and deliver high-quality product specifications.

  3. Virtual Working Group – Better Together!
    Business Analysts and Product Owners often feel isolated in their roles without standards or a community of practice. Join practitioners from across industries to unblock common delivery barriers.  

Unlocked Tesimonials

Marcus Piggott
Business Analyst

“If you are a graduate student aspiring to become a Business Analyst and want to gain an edge in the field, I highly recommend attending Jacquie's workshops. With a wealth of experience under her belt, Jacquie has earned a reputation for simplifying complex concepts and fostering engaging teaching environments. Previous attendees have showered her with high praise, and you, too can benefit from her expertise and guidance. Take advantage of this opportunity to take your BA skills and knowledge to the next level!"~ 2023
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