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unblockING Together

Who Should Attend?

  1. Your Reporting Manager is not a Practitioner (Business Analyst or Product Owner); as a result, the guidance provided does not sufficiently support you in your role to succeed.

  2. You are the only BA on the team, or your organization does not have a Community of Practice to help you in your role.

  3. You are new to your position and want to impress but require more assistance to gain the confidence to deliver. You may also be intimidated to bring concerns directly to your manager.

Workshop Outline

This workshop provides a safe environment for practitioners to share their current challenges. It closely mimics the format of a weekly team meeting with the guidance of an industry expert in Business Analysis and Product Ownership to discuss and coach through *scenarios.

The facilitator forces the participants to think differently and challenge the status quo to a pathway forward. New tips and tricks offered enable the practitioner to apply immediately.

It is an opportunity for the workshop group to see pervasive challenges to project delivery that are agnostic to a specific industry and often a universal approach to resolving.


In four short weeks, you’ll gain greater confidence and the ability to independently self-manage in your current role.

*Note: Scenarios are generic with absolute anonymity (people and organization). Specifics and details are not required to provide guidance.

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