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Strategic Analysis Workshop

Who Should Attend?

  1. Business or Intake Analysts who work closely with requestors (i.e., Product Owners) during Ideation

  2. Product Managers, Business Owners who are accountable for envisioning the Investment Roadmap

  3. Program Managers, Project Managers who are tired of delivering projects with limited information

  4. PMO Leader who manages a portfolio of work accountable for funding prioritization

Workshop Outline

This workshop is a scenario-based experience that challenges the participants to think critically. The workshop was intentionally designed to elevate the status quo of tackle and mechanist of Intake to create a value-driven portfolio.


An idea consists of more than a single one-liner requiring critical and thoughtful analysis to be funded. Imagine walking into a bank or the "Shark Tank" seeking funding with no business case - justification. Imagine you are the bank and asked to fund an initiative. What do you need? Do you know what is considered good?


This workshop aims to enable practitioners to move beyond the status quo of processing requests and to challenge and rationalize the work funnel. Project demand far outweighs supply, and the ability to cull the list fast while performing much-needed analysis to qualify the right opportunity.


The outcome of this workshop enables the practitioner to immediately apply techniques to assessing opportunities and consider an approach to refining the existing intake process to support a portfolio management function.

Duration: 15 Hours (2 full days or Consecutive 4 half days)

When: Every Saturday and Sunday or private booking during the week (please send email to register)

Where: Virtual (Sessions are not recorded)

Module Breakdown:

Day 1:

Saying the idea is priority doesn't make it so!

1.1 Challenging Ideas start with you!

1.2 Beyond One-Liners

1.3 Strategic Analysis Portfolio Management

1.4 Case Study - Canvas Construction

1.5 No Problems, No Bueno: Quantifying Problems and Opportunities

1.6 What's the Mission? Solidifying Objectives

1.7 How was day one? Regroup


Day 2:

It's not easy to get funded is it?

2.1 Who's Who in the Zoo

2.2 Ouch, the Costs - Order of Magnitude

2.3 Value for the Buck?

2.4 Oh, One More Thing – Future Considerations

2.5 The Making of a Portfolio

2.6 Valuating a Portfolio: No Data, No Problem - You have more than you think


Note: Workshop will not go into the details of Business Casing or Product Roadmap

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