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Resume readiness and assessment

Who Should Attend?

  1. Professionals, at any level, seeking promotion

  2. Professionals, currently employed but seeking new opportunities

  3. Professionals who have been working for the same organization seeking new opportunities

  4. Recent Graduates seeking to enter the job market

Workshop Outline

Duration: 2 hours

Where: Virtual

When: Every Wednesday 5:30- 7:30 pm EST

Max Participant: 5

***Stop paying someone thousands of dollars to edit your resume and learn yourself!***

Do not apply for a position until you’ve assessed your resume’s readiness!


Most resumes look the same. How does your resume stack up against the hundreds of applicants? Are you applying to positions without a response or feedback? Are you aware of the competition for the singular role?

Your resume is your calling card. It personifies your brand, capabilities and experience. We often miss the “so what ” and “what’s in it for the employer.”

This two-hour workshop is designed from an employer’s perspective, having reviewed countless resumes to identify typical mistakes and missed opportunities. This hands-on experience is to remediate resumes and identify the employer's needs against a job description to assess your skills and readiness to apply factually.

This workshop guarantees a fresh and new perspective on revising your resume.



Tips and Tricks to updating your resume

Assess the Readiness of your resume before applying

Identifying the right job opportunities that best align with your current experience

Improve application response from prospective employers

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