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Business Analysis Workshop

Who Should Attend?

  1. Business Analysts / Consultants who want to assess and evaluate their existing toolkit

  2. Recent graduates or anyone interested in becoming BA to better understand role expectations before enrolling in Academic Program or applying for a role

  3. Program Managers, Project Managers, Delivery Leaders and Scrum Masters who want to recognize good quality requirements to challenge and course-correct as a value-added service to achieve investment outcomes.

  4. Product Owners who need to deliver requirements or to understand the functional role to achieve better product outcomes

Workshop Outline

The Business Analysis workshop is a scenario project-based experience. The workshop is designed from the employer’s perspective. As such, it enables participants to apply the tips, tricks and techniques into practice immediately. It is agnostic and applicable to any delivery methodology.

Participants will uncover the actual needs before delivering “good” and “quality” detailed specifications. Emphasis is placed on “thought” leadership to rationalize the approach, not mechanics. The workshop challenges seasoned Business Analysts to uplift their capabilities and be ready for projects regardless of delivery methodologies or complexities. For those new to the discipline, this workshop sets real expectations from employers and stakeholders. Learning “good” from the start reduces the need to “unlearn” bad habits, raising your profile and earning potential.

Techniques covered in this workshop are applicable to Request for Proposals (RFP) and Developing SoW!

Duration: 15 Hours (2 full-days or Consecutive 4 half days)

When: Every Saturday and Sunday or private booking during the week (please send email to register)

Where: Virtual (Sessions are not recorded)

Module Breakdown:

Day 1:

Module 1: Identifying False Starts - Looking after yourself from the Beginning

1.1 Transition to Trusted Advisor and Leader

1.2 Assess the Project  Readiness

1.3 Workshop Case Study – Let’s Go!

1.4 The POD is waiting for you - can we start?

1.5 Assess the current state

Module 2: Developing a Backlog from Scratch

2.1 Challenge MVP - not maximum but minimum

2.2 Identify business solution options - bare bones - think differently

2.3 Build future state - never assume

2.4 Deconstructing User Story

Day 2:

Module 3: Recognizing Good Stories and Evidence of the complexities before committing to Deliver

3.1 Identify story complexities

3.2 Bring stories to life

3.3 Strategy and Plan your work (CYA)

Module 4: Detail behind the stories – Stories are not bland!

4.1 Validate user interaction (Use Cases)

4.2 Data at the User Interaction Level

4.2 Non-Functional Specifications – The story won’t work without it!

4.3 The Value of Traceability – Beyond Governance and Controls

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